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Best Indoor Inflatable Bounce House for Kids During the Coronavirus Lockdown

The perfect way to keep children happy during lockdown – you can thank us later.  An indoor inflatable bounce house can offer some exercise and stimulation for your kids, while you get the chance to sit back and try to relax in these testing times.

Best Inflatable Baby Bath: It’s a Baby’s World

Not too long ago, parents used to carry baby baths for when they were travelling with a baby, thanks to their convenience and ease of storage. More recently, though, we are seeing a shift as moms start viewing this accessory as a useful addition in their homes. And for good reason.

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6 Best Inflatable Car Beds: Turn Your Car Into an RV

  Now lockdown restrictions have been lifted, it’s time to hit the road and do some traveling. Forget about international travel, there are plenty of places to explore right here in the States.  Get your map out now and plan a road trip for a few day.

Best Inflatable Trampoline: Too Much Work Without Play…

As a parent, you know exercise can do your child a world of good. The thing with kids, though, is that exercise needs to be enjoyable. If it becomes an item they need to cross off the list the way some of us adults treat our weekly visits to the gym, then it loses the […]

Best Inflatable Photo Booth: Just Like the Old Days

Photo booths used to be the preserve of big sponsored events and celebrity get-togethers. But they have gradually caught on among us regular Joes and we are hiring them for all kinds of small gatherings – birthdays, mitzvahs, weddings, parties, small corporate events, you name it. The irony of photo booths is that even in […]

3 Best Inflatable Travel Pillows

When you get on a plane at 2 in the morning, all you want to do is sit down and go to sleep. Few of us have the privilege of traveling business class, and coach seats are near impossible to recline to a comfortable angle.

Best Inflatable Hammocks: Doesn’t Cost Much to Hang Out in Style

Camping can be fun, no doubt about it. However, it also comes with the added hassle of setting yourself up, whether that be in choosing an ideal camping spot (something that has the potential to make or break your trip), pitching up tent when you arrive at the site, or the bulky gear to contend […]

5 Best Inflatable Movie Screens: A Classic Movie Treatment

The best inflatable movie screens make it possible for us to relieve the nostalgia of a drive-in with the latest pictures bursting to life before us – or rather, behind our backyard. There is nothing like an outdoor movie night while busking under a canopy of stars and the fresh evening air filling your lungs. […]

5 Best Inflatable Fishing Boats: Push the Boat Out at a Fraction

The best inflatable fishing boats can give you many years of service minus sans the initial cost and ongoing repair and maintenance costs. Mention watercrafts and the image that comes to mind for most people is that of a sleek speed fiberglass boat screaming through the water. Or probably a Jon boat rocking on the sea. […]

Best Inflatable Tents: Keep Calm and Camp on

  Looking for the best inflatable tents? Here is a quick guide on what you need to know, along with a few recommendations of the best available products currently on the market. The idea of camping sounds tempting every once in a while. But our imagination is quickly dampened when we remember the ritual we […]

Best Inflatable Yurts: Glamping is the New Camping

There is a lot to love about camping. But sleeping time can turn it into a nightmare if you do not have the right camping equipment. Unless you are the diehard backpacking type, we all desire a little more comfort when camping than a tent, hammock or sleeping bag offers. We want to enjoy the […]

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Best Inflatable Punching Bags: Keep the Kids Active

This is a review of the best inflatable punching bags for children that shares both the models and the benefits of investing in a punching bag for your super active kid. Punching bags are a great form of workout for kids, more so in an age where children don’t play outside anymore. But no matter […]

Best Inflatable Kayaks

Kayaking across a deserted lake, surrounded by mountains is my idea of heaven. If you live near any amazing lakes, getting yourself an inflatable kayak could be the best thing you have ever bought. Trust me.