Best Indoor Inflatable Bounce House for Kids During the Coronavirus Lockdown

The perfect way to keep children happy during lockdown – you can thank us later.  An indoor inflatable bounce house can offer some exercise and stimulation for your kids, while you get the chance to sit back and try to relax in these testing times.

The best thing is that these indoor inflatable houses are fast to inflate, and they assume little space when you pack them away. Some bouncy houses are better suited to younger kids, and others come with slides and flags.

So, let us show you through to the best indoor inflatable bounce house:

Intex Jump-O-Lene™ Bounce House (Castle)

Intex’s Jump-O-Lene™ range of inflatable toys have a strong following of parents and their kids alike. These small inflatable toys are safe and fun for young children. The Jump-O-Lene bouncy castle is suitable for kids between 3 and 6 years old.

At a little under 6-foot by 6-foot, this toy is not so big that it is going to overtake the living room. And the smaller size makes it less prone to craziness and overcrowding. Two children, weighing 60 pounds each, can use this castle.


Floor Space: 5’9” x 5’9” (69” x 69”)
Height: 4’5” (53”)
Weight: 26.6 pounds (12 kg)
Max. Children/Weight: 2 / 120 pounds (54 kg)
Ages: 3 – 6
Blower: No
Material: Phthalate-free PVC
Extras: None

The toy is 26 pounds, so it is heavier than what most kids can lift, and the weight helps to keep it planted on the floor. And at under 5 feet tall, there is no danger of the turrets hitting a light fitting. Though this castle is small, and you may want to limit the occupants to one-at-a-time.

Intex’s Jump-O-Lene Castle does not come with balls or a blower to inflate it, and you will want to buy one rather than trying to blow it up by mouth. The PVC is phthalate-free, and the soft high walls prevent energetic kids from flying over the edges. And the inflatable walls mean that you can have the castle push up to a wall and out the way, and your kids will bounce off unharmed.


Simple and inexpensive.
Safe, high walls.
Small footprint.
Well-known manufacturer.


It does not come with a blower.
It does not come with play balls.

Blast Zone Magic Castle – Indoor Inflatable Bounce House

Blast Zone lives up to their name, with this magic bouncy castle, big enough to tolerate 3 kids jumping up and down on it. The total weight limit is 100 pounds per child, but this should be enough for most kids up to 12 years old. It looks like great fun because it is fun, and most important of all — safe.

The Blast Zone Magic castle includes a blower, which can inflate the castle in under 2 minutes, perfect for those impatient kids. The blower has a 25-foot cord, so you can put the castle a good distance away from the wall socket. And a DVD to explain how to set up the castle and where best to place it.


Floor space: 8’6” x 11’ (102” x 132”)
Height: 8’ (96)”
Weight: 48 pounds (22 kg)
Max. Children/ Weight: 3 / 300 pounds (136 kg)
Ages: 3 – 12
Blower: Yes (2-minute)
Material: Commercial vinyl (PVC free) and X-weave
Extras: Storage straps, anchor stakes, manual/DVD

This is a big castle when inflated and reaches 8-feet in height. The turrets support the high mesh walls around the toy, for added safety. And there is a short slide at the front of the castle, with a large mesh door to prevent kids from having an accident and flying out. This bouncer is also suitable to use as a ball pit, though you will have to buy the balls.

A perfect toy for a home with a large ceiling, or those with a garden. Air escapes from the castle to provide a softer fall for kids bouncing on it, while the blower shortens the inflation time. And the kit comes with anchor stakes if you decide to use the castle outside on the lawn.


Comes with a blower.
High-grade material.
Soft mesh walls.
Small slide at the front.


Height may be an issue for indoor use.
It does not come with play balls.

Yard Indoor Inflatable Bounce House with Slide

Yard’s House Slide is a large inflatable bouncy castle best-suited for kids up to 12 years of age. A sizable walled slide comes out of the front entrance. And the slide has a mesh wall with a small tunnel to separate it off from the main play area. Yard has put some fun features on this bouncer, like stars on the pillars, but the rest of it lacks imagination.

The turrets and the connecting tubes hold up the remaining three mesh walls. The floor of the bouncy castle is 840D commercial grade nylon. 840D nylon is a heavy-duty material, which will put up with most types of abuse that a small child can throw at it.


Floor Space: 12’ x 8’ (144” x 96”)
Height: 6’ 7” (79)”
Weight: 36 pounds (16 kg)
Max. Children/ Weight: 3 / 250 pounds (113 kg)
Ages: 3 – 12
Blower: Yes (2-minute) 340-watt
Material: 840D and 420D nylon-polyester
Extras: Carry bag, repair kit, anchor stakes, manual

The castle comes with a 340-watt blower to keep it inflated, while the kids try their best to break it. And if one of the kids manages to tear it open, Yard has had the foresight to include a quick-patch repair kit. The repair kit consists of several color-patches to match the assortment of colors on the castle.

If you decide to take it outdoors, the castle comes with four ground stakes, to prevent the wind from lifting it. Though at 36 pounds, you would need some heavy wind to pick this monster up. This bouncer has a huge floor size for three kids. But with the blower, you can have it inflated and ready to go in minutes.


It comes with a powerful blower.
It comes with different colored repair sheets.
Soft mesh walls.
Small slide.


A large footprint that is going to assume a lot of space in a home.
You need to buy the play balls.

Intex Jump-O-Lene™ Indoor Inflatable Playhouse

Intex’s Jump-o-Lene™ Playhouse is the perfect play area for your kids. Accidents happen when kids start to get excited, and young children seem to have the perfect head-height to match the dining table.

The Jump-O-Lene™ Playhouse is a wonderful place for kids to jump around without hurting themselves. This bouncer is small and does not come with a blower. Though, because it is small, it does not take too much effort to pump it up with a regular billow pump.


Floor Space: 5’4” x 5’4” (68” x 68”)
Height: 3’ 8” (44”)
Weight: 19 pounds (9 kg)
Max. Children/ Weight: 2 / 120 pounds
Ages: 3 – 6
Blower: No
Material: Phthalate-free PVC
Extras: Repair patch

The mini-castle has four turrets, each connected by mesh walls and an inflated barrier. Towards the front of the toy, there is a small tunnel for your kids to crawl in and out of, which prevents accidental rollout. And the small size means that you could even choose to leave it inflated.

The bouncer is lightweight, and it packs down small, for when you want to store it in the kid’s bedroom for the next party. This is for small children, and the material will not take too much abuse. So do not act in surprise if it bursts when your 10-year-old tries to use it.


Small and compact.
Perfect for toddlers.
Small tunnel door.


Thin material.
Low walls.


For a small apartment where space is valuable, one of the Intex Inflatable bouncers is going to be the most practical choice. They are both ideal toys for toddlers, and they both take up around the same floor size.

From a fun perspective, the Intex Castle is better— it has inflatable turrets and walls. So, you can have this castle near a wall in your home, and the children still have some protection. Without a blower, this does mean a lot more puffing to get the thing inflated — unless you buy a separate pump.

It is more realistic to think that you could inflate the Intex Playhouse by blowing into it. And the mesh walls mean that you can have a clear view of the kids playing in it. Though the mesh limits you from placing the castle against a wall.

Yard’s bouncer is great for lawn play, but it is going to be too tall for most homes, in particular apartments. Fun for older kids and toddlers alike, the full-mesh wall keeps all the trouble going on in the center of the bouncer, where it should be. And at a little over 6-foot tall, you will be able to squeeze it into an apartment living room.

But, if you want a great bouncer, it will have to be the Blast Zone Magic Castle. As with the Yard bouncer, it comes with a blower for fast inflation, and they both have slides. It looks like a magic castle, and the trivial details like flags add to the fun. The Blast Zone looks like a party — and everyone is invited.