6 Best Inflatable Car Beds: Turn Your Car Into an RV

best inflatable car beds


Now lockdown restrictions have been lifted, it’s time to hit the road and do some traveling. Forget about international travel, there are plenty of places to explore right here in the States.  Get your map out now and plan a road trip for a few day.

Sleep is always a big issue whenever you find yourself on the road. The unaccustomed routine, unfamiliar bed, and different surrounds (no matter how idyllic) can wreak havoc on your circadian rhythm.

And as anyone who’s endured a couple of terrible nights’ sleep will tell you, this is one of those little things that could ruin your trip.

Sure, you may decide to spend your nights in a lodging (B&B, motel, hacienda or whatever that may be) but for those of us who like camping, hiking and other outdoor activities, forking out lodging bills each time you travel can really add up over time.

And as every savvy traveller knows too well, these are funds that can be better spent elsewhere.

But what if there was a way to get a good night’s sleep while keeping your travel costs to a minimum?

There is.

It is called an inflatable car bed, and there are several benefits that come with using one: they are economical, convenient, portable, and they come with a number of medical advantages.

For example, they are dust-free which is good for asthma and people allergic to dust. Plus, since they are loaded with air, they conform to the natural shape of your body, ensuring you sleep in the most comfortable and natural positions.

The Top Inflatable Car Mattress 2020 

Inflatable air mattresses are lightweight and easy to inflate and deflate, and it is not surprising how popular an option they have become over recent years.

When shopping for a decent inflatable car beds, you will come across multiple brands and types to choose from.

We scoured the stores for the best of the lot basing our search on factors like brand, inflatable bed features, size, portability, comfort levels, durability and the versatility to fit different car models, and here is what we came up with.

Haitral — Inflatable Car Mattress

Haitral’s inflatable mattress is a soft, comfortable, and portable addition to a vehicle. The Haitral’s compact size, while in the supplied storage bag, means that you can leave it in the back of your car without it taking up too much space.

The Oxford fabric consists of PVC with a plush velvet coating, which prevents top sheets from sliding around.

Haitral’s inflatable car bed blown up and in position on the back seatsPVC is also waterproof, so accidental spills or food drops are easy to clean away with a wet wipe. The underside of the inflatable mattress is plain PVC —such as on grass or decking as a sofa. You can also turn the travel mattress upside-down and use it as a sofa with the foot-well supports acting as back supports.

The tubular shape of the mattress helps with ventilation and the evening out of pressure points on the body.

There is a sewn-in pillow to fill the void between the two front seats — to stop children from falling between the gap. And a pair of foot-well-supports inflate and add width to the mattress — beyond the depth of the rear seat.

The travel mattress if 55 inches long and 35.4 inches wide. So, not as long as your typical home mattress, but much more comfortable than sleeping on the indents of a rear seat.

The kit comes with two inflatable pillows and a patch kit for a quick fix on the road.

Haitral also provides a pump with a 12-volt car socket, for fast inflation and perfect fro car travel. The pump has three nozzles, so you can use the fast inflation hole on the mattress, then the automatic shut-off nozzle for final inflation. The mattress will lose air overnight, but it will last for up to 10 hours before it needs topping up.

What We Like

  • The electric pump with three nozzles.
  • Two separate air pillows.
  • Foot-well supports.
  • Soft and comfortable felt covering.
  • Can double-up as a sofa.
  • Center-well pillow.
  • Waterproof.

What We Don’t Like

  • The mattress needs reinflation each night.
  • Thin PVC.

OLIVIA & AIDEN — Inflatable Car Mattress

At 52.7 inches long by 34.3 inches wide, Olivia & Aiden’s travel inflatable design is a little smaller than some other inflatable car mattresses on the market. So, you may find this mattress fits smaller saloons and trucks better.

The travel mattress also comes with a separate foot-well cushion. And the fact that you can move the foot-well cushion means that you have the flexibility of adjusting the mattress over the back seat.

There is a cushion sewn into the mattress — to prevent anyone from falling into the center console at night.

The inflatable mattress’s PVC fabric has a soft coating — to make it more comfortable with or without a top sheet.

The coating also stops top sheets from slipping off at night. PVC is waterproof and easy to clean, even with the felt coating.

A storage bag and two inflatable pillows come with the mattress, made of the same fabric. The kit also comes with an electric air pump that will plug into your 12-volt cigarette lighter socket to speed up the inflation.

The inflatable mattress has a fast-inflation nozzle, letting you use the fast inflation attachment on the pump.

The fast-inflation nozzle also speeds up the process of releasing the air from the mattress when it is time to go home.

The nozzle attachments work on both sides of the pump. So, you can suck the air out of the mattress for faster deflation. And the extra nozzles mean that you can use the pump to inflate other things you may take to the beach, such as beach balls or a small raft.

When the pump has pumped most of the air into the mattress through the large valve, you can move on to the one-way-valve. The one-way valve and the corresponding pump attachments let you finish off the inflation without losing air.

What We Like

  • It comes with two travel pillows, ideal for car travel.
  • The foot-well support can move — to fit different vehicles better.
  • A non-slip coating on the heavy duty air mattress.
  • Electric pump with many nozzles.
  • It can double as a tent mattress.
  • Large console pillow.
  • Easy to clean.

What We Don’t Like

  • Shorter than other car beds.
  • It does not include a repair kit.

Onirii — Inflatable Car Bed

Onirii is another inflatable car bed, which at first sight looks smaller than some other brands. But, the Onirii comes with a backrest, which adds 19.7 inches to the length. The back-rest folds up against the rear door, protecting your head from the armrest.

This also means that if you have a flatbed, you can move the inflatable mattress outside to give yourself room to stretch out.

Excluding the backrest, the mattress is 53.1 inches by 35.4 inches — shorter individuals may find this more comfortable. There are also two independent footwell cushions so you can move them to the best position to support your weight.

There is a large console pillow on the side of the mattress that stops your arm from falling through the hollow at night.

Movable footwell cushions also give you greater flexibility when it comes to using the mattress in a tent, camper, or flat on the ground. The PVC has a soft felt coating that makes it more practical with sheets and more comfortable bare.

With the inflatable mattress, you get two inflatable pillows and a separate neck pillow. And because you may be sleeping near a busy road, you get earplugs to muffle road noises. And Onirii includes an eye mask to help you block-out the lights of the world till morning.

Onirii supply a repair kit that consists of 2 patches and a tube of glue…essential travel inflatable kit.

The fast inflation nozzle and electric pump make inflation and deflating the mattress quick and pain-free. And the whole kit packs away into a tidy storage bag, ready for the next time you need it.

What We Like

  • Independent foot-well-cushions — better for odd-shaped cars.
  • Comes with an eye mask and earplugs.
  • Electric pump with three nozzles for fast inflation.
  • Pull-string storage bag for the air mattress
  • Backrest for upright night reading.
  • Fast inflation nozzles on this heavy duty mattress.
  • Strong PVC.

What We Don’t Like

  • Footwell cushions can move at night.
  • Double air mattress valves can be difficult to get right.


Wolfwill Inflatable Car Bed (SUV air mattress)

First up is an air bed courtesy of a brand that specialises in outdoor and pet products, Wolfwill.

Wolfwill doesn’t have many inflatable car beds under their name, but the little forays they have made through this single offering has catapulted them right on the list of the best inflatable car beds currently on offer.

The Wolfwill Universal SUV Travel Air Mattress is, as the name suggests, an air mattress designed for use in SUVs. This automatically rules out a large section of car owners, but those with a large trunk will undoubtedly love what they will be getting here.

The US brand really put careful thought into the design of this product. The mattress has three separate compartments that makes it easier to fill with air than most other mattresses. Inflating takes under 2 minutes, and this can be done only in the desired sections.

6 Best Inflatable Car Beds: Turn Your Car Into an RV 1This inflatable is reversible and allows you to use either side of the mattress. The double-sided flocking design also guarantees maximum comfort. If sleep is usually hard to come by when you travel, this inflatable mattress can always be counted on to deliver regardless of terrain.

Ideal for all types of people, this mattress is non-toxic and resistant to odor, which means there will be no unwanted smells no matter how long you use it. Additionally, it is constructed from a breathable and eco-friendly PVC material that is as soft as leather.

The air mattress is sizeable enough to accommodate two individuals, with adjustable sides that allow you to adjust depending on weight and height.

Something else remarkable about the Wolfwill Universal air mattress is that it can stay inflated for 10 almost hours, meaning you can crush for an extended amount of time comfortably.

It is shipped with a powerful 12v electric pump, although its cord could have been a bit longer. There is also a repair kit which thoughtfully includes two patches to patch up your mattress in case of emergency.

As testimony to its superior quality, this inflatable car bed has a two-year warranty. Technical support is also provided, along with lifetime assistance.

If your budget is below the $100 mark, you can find the perfect alternative in the Mobile Inflation Air Bed for SUV, a product that is eerily familiar to the Wolfwill (see below).

What we Like

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • 3 separate compartments that inflate separately
  • Ample to accommodate two
  • Special streamlined design guarantees ultimate comfort
  • Reversible design
  • Inflating and deflating the air mattress is a two-minute affair
  • This heavy duty air mattress stays inflated for long
  • Versatile and can be even used at home
  • 2-year warranty with lifetime technical assistance

What we Don’t

  • Short pump cord
  • Only restricted for use by jeeps and SUVs

Shelterin Inflatable Car Air Bed

Many inflatable car bed makers pride themselves in manufacturing products that are the crème of the crop. While we cannot fault the efforts of some of them, one manufacturer that clearly stands out is Shelterin, and their inflatable car air mattress really outdoes many.

One of the best things about it is it compatible with 95% of car models out there.

It is constructed from new-generation Oxford material which has many benefits. It is soft with a feather-like feel which allows you to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. It is also resistant to moisture, friction, scratch and impact, which makes it durable enough to last through the years.

As far as ease of use goes, it is designed with your best interests at heart. Inflation takes roughly a minute using an air pump and deflating doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part either. When deflated, it is very easy to pack and requires little storage space.

The Shelterin Inflatable Car Air Bed comes with extras that include: 2 inflatable pillows, a children safety baffle, a car air pump, a repair patch and glue kits, with a storage bag to boot.

Unfortunately, its attractive price tag for the total package means there will always be a compromise here and there.

The Shelterin has been accused of deflating a little too easily after a few uses. As well, the included air pump is a bit of a hassle to use until you get the hang of it. The fact that you have to inflate the car bed on the top left could also be uneasy for left-handers.

What we Like

  • High quality fabric construction
  • Multi-functional, great for car travel
  • Air mattress is soft and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Price

What we Don’t

  • Air mattress easy to deflate
  • Included pump is a bit cumbersome
  • Inflating is not a job for the left hand, literally speaking

SoundAsleep Products Eco-Friendly Inflatable Car Bed

Third on our list of best inflatable car beds is from the high-end manufacturer that is SoundAsleep Products.

Their products are not designed to compete with the low-entry car air mattresses, and there is always something to be gained from a deluxe offering.

First of all, what sets this inflatable car bed apart is that, as all air mattresses from SoundAsleep Products, it is developed from a patented technology. This technology is meant to provide three things in particular: maximum comfort even in rugged terrain, eco-friendliness and durability.

An extra-thick multilayer top brings added comfort and its water-resistant, puncture-resistant nature increases durability.

It takes 3-4 minutes to inflate or deflate, and inflation is done using a rechargeable pump (also patented) which comes with the package.

Unlike the other beds on this list, the SoundAsleep Products car air mattress is specifically designed for natural outdoor use. That means you cannot fit it into a normal car, but a truck can accommodate it perfectly.

For this reason, this air mattress boasts extra thickness to withstand objects and debris found in an outdoor setting. The product comes in two variants (Queen or Twin size) that gives you the freedom to choose a size that you prefer better.

The Queen size measures 78 x 60 x 9 whereas the Twin size has a dimension of 75 x 42 x 9. Both air beds have a “Sure-Grip” bottom that keeps them from sliding.

A carry bag is provided to allow for easy storage and transportation during your travels and the manufacturer has stamped a one-year on the product to boost your confidence in your purchase.

While the price might be a bit on the higher side, you can be certain that this is money well spent.

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What we Like

  • 1-Beam air coils for comfort and durability
  • Ideal for outdoor use and car travel
  • Eco-friendly
  • Duo size options
  • Extra thickness of air mattress

What we Don’t

  • Cannot fit into smaller vehicles
  • Air mattress not deflate easily

DYZD Multifunctional Car Inflatable Bed

The DYZD Multifunctional Car Inflatable Bed considered one of the top inflatable car beds you, and it will especially appeal to small car owners, double so sedan owners.

It is not always that you come across a good car bed made with small cars in mind, as most tend to be targeted at trucks.

The model comes in an improved style meant to provide comfort and relaxation while on the road. It is cut from a high quality PVC which is both soft and strong enough to support the weight, hard surfaces and regular use.

The car bed, which can comfortably support up to 800 pounds, has two compartments which can be filled up separately as suits your fancy.

The DYZD Multifunctional Car Inflatable Bed has a good inflation time (2 minutes) and is capable of holding up for a significant number of hours, thus justifying the design objective of comfort and relaxation.

The bed folds into a small size which allows for ease of carrying and better storage. This is certainly welcome especially in the case of smaller cars where space during travel is not the biggest luxury.

In addition to the inflatable bed, the kit includes two pillows, an air pump, a repair patch and glue kits that allow you to address any punctures in the event they occur.

What’s more, you can convert the air bed into a seat simply by flipping it upside down.

You couldn’t ask for more.

What we Like

  • Perfect for car travel
  • Two separate compartments
  • Two inflatable pillows
  • Ability to convert into couch
  • Eco-friendly and made from non-toxic materials

What we Don’t

  • The valve is in an uncomfortable position
  • Mini size doesn’t afford taller individuals good stretch

Smart Speed Inflatable Car Bed

There is a reason, or rather reasons, this air mattress by Smart Speed has received many accolades from users.

For one, it does not take up a lot of space, something that should endear it to owners of smaller vehicles such as sedans. Its practical size allows it to fit in most cars, and a thin profile ensures there is no wastage of space.

But just because it is small does not mean it compromises on comfort.

Quite on the contrary actually.

The airbed guarantees a high degree of comfort with its smooth surface that makes it possible to set up a good car bed far from home. It sets up easily inside the vehicle and it doesn’t pose much challenge to remove.

The Smart Speed Inflatable Car Bed is constructed from a high quality PVC to handle a good amount of weight without deflating.

Besides the air mattress, other accessories that come with the air bed include two car air pillows and a car air pump. The pump is really silent and doesn’t pose any hassle.

If you love your colours, you will be happy to hear this model has the widest range of colour options among inflatable car mattresses. However, be warned that light colours stain easily so you might be necessitated to get some protective covers.

Just like its smaller aforementioned counterpart, the Smart Speed Inflatable Car Bed is a two-valve model that features two sections that can be filled up separately.

What we Like

  • Ideal for smaller cars
  • Colour range
  • Nice quiet pump
  • Set of pillows
  • Practical usage of space

What we Don’t

  • Not the best option for taller people
  • Light colours likely to stain quickly

Srxl Car Travel Inflatable Mattress for Cars

Rounding off our list of best inflatable car beds is another multifunctional airbed ideal for both small and larger vehicles alike.

The Srxl is built from a high quality PVC material with a 44UM thickness that guarantees an often elusive aspect when on the road: comfort.

The velvet covering aside, its special 10 air interior chamber design has a big role to play in this as it helps reduce bumping and other vehicle noises. Users also appreciate how comfortable it is for kids who can play or sleep without the danger of falling down the seat.

As most other picks on our list, this too is non-toxic and friendly to the environment. Its universal design is intended to fit a wide range of cars (90 of car models according to the manufacturer).

This air mattress inflates easily using the included 12v car air pump. For best effect, it is recommended to have a 12 voltage power source.

Standard accessories include a cushion console, two small pillows, and an air compressor that can be plugged into you vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

What we Like

  • Good fit for most sedans
  • Comfortable
  • Quick inflation and deflation
  • Odorless PVC material
  • Non-toxic materials ideal for kids and pets
  • Easy-to-use 12V car air pump

What we Don’t

  • Velvet material can gather dust and easily attracts lint, making it difficult to clean

Buying the Right Inflatable Car bed – Conclusion

If you are looking for the top inflatable car beds, you can never go wrong with any of the above choices.

The only thing you need to make sure is that the inflatable bed is a good fit not just for your needs, but also your car type.

Otherwise, they are all amazing products that will give you years of service.