5 Best Inflatable Movie Screens: A Classic Movie Treatment

The best inflatable movie screens make it possible for us to relieve the nostalgia of a drive-in with the latest pictures bursting to life before us – or rather, behind our backyard.

There is nothing like an outdoor movie night while busking under a canopy of stars and the fresh evening air filling your lungs. And no, you don’t have to be the hopeless romantic who cannot resist the charm of a movie night out to enjoy it.

best inflatable move screens

Whether you are a self-confessed movie buff, the super host who loves to throw a party every now and then, or an outdoorsy type who feels more at home outdoors than indoors, the lure of outdoor video entertainment from the comforts of home is irresistible.

Even though the World Cup is well and truly behind us, there is plenty left to go in the summer to make the most of the warm evenings. Besides, the bonus of screening a movie night in your own backyard is you can enjoy it well into the early fall when the temperatures are still comfortable. We have even seen them being used on camp sites.  So just inflate your tent, then your screen – grab a beer and chill!

You don’t need a dedicated outdoor theatre complete with a sophisticated projector and sound system to make it happen, although this gear will make it all the merrier.

Otherwise, a temporary setup should do just fine. All you need is a DVD player or laptop, a projector, a sound system or set of speakers, and a good blowup screen.

The Many Perks of an Inflatable Movie Screen

Inflatable movie screens offer a host of benefits of usage.

For starters, they can effectively brave the elements. This means even if the screen gets into contact with water (such as rain) it will not get damaged or broken – plus, it is easy to hose off for cleaning.

Inflatable projector screens are also highly durable. They are easy to clean off without exposing them to permanent scratches.

As well, they tend to be more mobile compared to regular projector screens. The fact that they can deflate makes them easy to pack and carry. In fact, you can fold and stash an inflatable screen in a standard suitcase with minimal effort. Conversely, setting one up is a cinch.

What’s more, these screens are very affordable and in the long run, they prove great value for your outdoor home cinema. The hard part is choosing the inflatable projector screen that is right for you.

But that is why we are here.

Best Inflatable Movie Screens Money Can Buy You

We went out in search of some of the best inflatable movie screens currently on the market, and the following are the models that carried the day.

Loch IWS140 Inflatable Movie Screen

If you are on the hunt for a giant screen that guarantees high quality pictures, you can never go wrong with the Loch IWS140.

5 Best Inflatable Movie Screens: A Classic Movie Treatment 1We are talking an actual screen width of 140 feet. The screen stretches an impressive 18 feet (216 inches) in diagonal, with an aspect ratio of 16:9 that ensures an amazingly immersive experience without having to worry about light bleed or losing any of the pictures.

Its immense size means this is the perfect screen for when you have large family gatherings or a large group of friends over. But that doesn’t mean it takes long to blow up. According to the manufacturer, the screen builds up in as little as 30 seconds.

That is as fast as you are likely to get with a screen this size, and that can only be good news. Part of the low buildup time has to do with the fact that the face and the stand are a single unit. This makes setup a matter of simply turning on the blower and voila!

But the advantage extends beyond just the inflation speed. This face and stand attachment is what contributes to the unique design that really makes this inflated screen stand out. The screen is also made in the USA, not some cheap Chinese crap.

The Loch IWS140 accommodates both front and rear projections. Rear projection means you can project from the back with all the AV equipment behind the screen, allowing for a neater experience.

What’s more, the package comes complete with an industrial-grade blower, tethers, stakes, and a storage bag.

So, are there any disadvantages?

Well, for one, while there are benefits to having a screen that is fixed to the frame, it also makes it harder to clean.

Users have also accused the ropes and stakes as not designed for heavy use, so you might find yourself replacing these after a couple of uses. If you can, consider picking up some standard tent stakes while you are at it.

Overall, though, this is as portable a cinematic experience as you are likely to get in the inflatables category, especially if you have the projector to unlock its full power.

What we Like

  • Great, professional-looking design
  • Crystal clear pictures and overall immersive experience
  • Rear projection capability allows for a neater experience
  • Includes a 110V air blower

What we Don’t

  • Screen is not detachable thus making it difficult to clean

EasyGo Products Inflatable Movie Screen

Next up on our list of best inflatable projector screens is the Inflatable Mega Movie Screen from EasyGo Products.

EasyGo Products is a Californian-based company that specialises in making creative products designed to make your life more handy and hassle-free, with their offerings spanning from kitchen items to outdoor equipment.

The Mega Movie Screen comes in two versions: the 14-foot (168 inches) Mega model and 17-foot (204 inches) Mega XL model.

The two are basically one and the same thing with size being the only differentiating factor, which in turn contributes to the difference in cost ($160 vs. $220).

One of the things the Inflatable Movie Screen by EasyGo Products is lauded for is its simplicity. If you are on the market for a screen that is extremely easy and convenient to set up, you need look no further.

This screen comes with an instruction manual that gives a step-by-step overview for fast installation. Once plugged in, both screens can inflate in less than two minutes.

When you purchase the screen, you also get a blower motor, inflatable stakes, rope, and a carry bag to store everything when moving around or not in use.

We say moving around because whilst most of the screens on this list are viable for commercial purposes, the Mega Movie Screen is lightweight enough to take with you on a camping trip, picnic or other outdoor adventure or event. Just imagine how much that would spice up some of your evenings!

To keep the screen inflated, the blower needs to be running throughout as with many inflatable screens.

The good thing is this is not a noisy motor so you don’t have to worry about any noise when immersed in the film. The bad thing is the motor needs to be connected to a power supply as it cannot be powered by battery.

Something else worth noting about this screen is that it only supports front projection, but it is not like this is a handicap. This is especially given most people are likely to place their projector in front of the screen as opposed to the back, double so when it comes to smaller backyards or gardens.

As well, the white display canvas is easily detachable from the frame which makes it easy to clean – attaching the two is done before inflating.

On the downside, in addition to the inability to power by battery, the EasyGo Mega Movie Screen is not ideal for decking or patios as it needs to be staked to the ground.

By and large, however, you are not likely to find a better screen at this price range.

On top of that, you can revel in the knowledge that by purchasing this screen, your money is going towards a worthy cause. Every purchase from EasyGo Products helps to support orphans, as well as abandoned and abused children in a select group of countries in Asia, Africa, and South America.

What we Like
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Portability and ease of storage
  • Silent blower motor
  • Includes carry bag
  • CSR

What we Don’t

  • Mains powered as opposed to battery powered
  • Not ideal for decks or patios

Gemmy Deluxe Airblown Movie Screen

With a 144-inch (12 feet) diagonal screen, the Gemmy Deluxe Airblown inflatable projector screen is not as massive as some models on this list, but it is still large enough to make a great backyard viewing even better.

What strikes you about this inflatable screen is its unique design which seems to place emphasis on the frame and base. They are absolutely massive and seem to keep up with a similar theme observed on all other releases by the Dallas-based Gemmy Industries.

Another area in which this screen tramples over the others on this list (and on the market for that matter) is the positioning of the actual screen from the ground. It is significantly raised, thus allowing for optimum viewing.

Support lines flank the frame rendering it practically immovable. Couple this with the giant base and you got a relatively stable setup which is just exactly what you need on windy days or windy areas – provided, of course, there isn’t severe wind.

Regardless, wind creates ripples on the screen which leads to a blurring of the picture. The workaround to this is to position your inflatable screen such that the face of the screen is not in direct contact with the wind.

This screen also has a tendency to wrinkle easily, which is a bummer really, despite the fact that it is hardly noticeable when a movie is playing. But on the upside, this should not be an issue even for the sensitive eye if you are using a projector particularly designed for outdoor usage.

A quality projector will bring out the best in the Gemmy Deluxe Airblown, and it should be easy to see why it is widely regarded as one of the best inflatable movie screens on the market today.

The projection screen self-inflates within minutes, with two built-in fans located at the bottom of the screen. The fans are not loud as to be annoying, but they may become noticeable if you are thinking of doing surround sound.

All in all, with a current list price of $220 on Amazon, this Airblown punches above its weight, more so when you factor in the picture quality. And at the end of the day, that’s what we all want from a good screen first and foremost, everything else secondary.

What we Like

  • Great picture
  • Height above ground
  • Great stability
  • Quick inflation
  • Attractive price

What we Don’t

  • Screen creases easily
  • Picture could be affected by windy weather

Holiday Styling Inflatable Projector Screen

The Holiday Styling inflatable projector screen measures 16 feet on the diagonal, although the actual viewable area is 12 feet.

There are several reasons that warrant it a slot in our best inflatable movie screens list.

This screen is constructed from triple grade 600DD material, which in layman language means a heavy-duty fabric built with durability in mind. Surprisingly, the screen is lightweight and extremely portable.

The whole structure is physically imposing, something that can be traced to the thick black frame that serves two main purposes: to provide the excellent stability this screen is known for, and second, to protect the screen from any damage.

If you don’t have the space for the screen, the company has you covered. The model also comes with a smaller option that is 9 feet across the diagonal. This one also happens to be $100 cheaper and is currently fetching at $162 on Amazon.

The screen is surprisingly quick to inflate and deflate for a structure its size, and that can only be a plus. An electric blower is part of the package, a package that also comes with ropes and pegs to help anchor your gear to the ground, should you need to.

Something else you will love about the Holiday Styling Inflatable Movie Screen is that the white cloth fabric that makes up the screen attaches to the black frame with Velcro. This means you can pull the material tight enough to avoid any creasing.

But that is not all.

This screen is also capable of projecting from both the front and rear, so if you want to keep everything neat and tidy by putting all the equipment at the back, you have that choice.

The only caveat here is the thick frame from the back might interfere with the viewing in some instances, so the manufacturer recommends to project from the front.

If you consider that a downside, there isn’t much else not to like about this Holiday Styling screen, maybe save for the fact that it doesn’t come with a stow-away bag.

If that is a biggie for you, then you might want to consider a similar screen option in the Nozzco Inflatable Movie Screen.

The two are almost identical, with the major difference being that the Nozzco version comes with 10 bonus movie ticket templates user manual, and of course, the bag.

What we Like

  • Good stability
  • Front and rear projection
  • Detachable screen
  • Large and smaller model options
  • No wrinkling

What we Don’t

  • Frame might obstruct viewing when using rear-view projection
  • No carry bag

Buying an Inflatable Move Screen – Conclusion

Inflatable projector screens are the best thing to have happened since the impending demise of the drive-in theatre, a magical experience that a regular theatre could find hard to mirror.

And by opting for any one of the models we have featured in this article, you can be sure that you are investing in one of the best inflatable movie screens on the market today.

Inflatable movie screens are considered a bit of a plunge by some, but you don’t need to be a diehard movie lover to admit this is a nice way to put your money into good use.

These screens are all great candidates for a commercial venture. But if you live in a calm area and want to relive the experience of an outdoor movie night out, the decision to invest in a blowup screen is one you won’t regret.

Thank us later.