Best Inflatable Photo Booth: Just Like the Old Days

best inflatable photo booth
Photo booths used to be the preserve of big sponsored events and celebrity get-togethers.

But they have gradually caught on among us regular Joes and we are hiring them for all kinds of small gatherings – birthdays, mitzvahs, weddings, parties, small corporate events, you name it.

The irony of photo booths is that even in an age of Instagram and Snapchat in which every Tom, Dick and Harry has turned cameraman, with smartphone camera features at their disposal that allow them to edit, fade, filter, and tilt-shift photos for free, the photo booth has somehow managed to endure the change brought about by technology.

The photo booth has been surprisingly resilient amidst an increasingly tech-oriented world. And if anything, it has made an even bigger and better comeback.

Why Invest in a Photo Booth?

Whether you are an aspiring or professional photographer, events company or simply an individual who throws regular parties for family and friends, the reasons you need a photo booth are the reasons behind the rising popularity of these portable studios.

They are fun – A photo booth breathes an element of uniqueness not typically present in our daily routine. Taking pics at a photo booth is a highly social activity that can be enhanced with props and silly costumes. You can even customise a booth to fit a particular theme you would like to portray. Family and friends can crowd into a booth to document their fun experience at a gathering.

Authenticity – Photo booths present us with the opportunity to be wholly authentic. While some booths have the provision to share pictures via email or directly to social media, they still help preserve authenticity by cutting the need to alter or edit photos before sharing them. You always have a completely untouched photo of how you looked at a particular moment in time to look back on fondly.

Vintage – There is something enthralling about old school photo-taking that appeals to both the young and old. Sure, those who were around before the smartphone camera took hold always look to photo booths with nostalgia. But even the younger people who don’t know it any other way do revel in the novelty of the photo booth and consider the ability to bring printed photo strips home vintage.

Unconventional – Photo booths have evolved with the times to match the technological needs of the day. Most photo booths today, including inflatable booths, are digital and come equipped with modern photography features.

Totally affordable – The cost of photo booths has significantly gone down over the years. For a few hundred dollars, it is now possible to own your own personal photo booth.

Convenience – An inflatable photo booth eliminates the need to hire a photographer who is not only expensive, but also is bound to get in the way of things. With your own photo booth, guests choose how they want their photos taken whenever you are hosting an event, personal or corporate.

Make a statement – A photo booth is not usually what your guests expect to see when they walk in the door. For a business holding a corporate event, this can be a great marketing tool that boosts your brand visibility and, consequently, revenue going forward.

The Best Inflatable Photo Booth

Now that you know why a photo booth is a good investment in this day and age, let’s take a moment to look at the best inflatable photo booth options to consider.

Stagerbooth Inflatable Portable Photo Booth

Starting us off is the Stagerbooth inflatable photo booth, one of the highest ranked products by users on Amazon.

It has a large exterior size capacity that measures 94.5 inches in length, 94.5 inches in width, with the height stretching for 98.4 inches.

The Stagerbooth is lightweight for a product its size, which makes it easily portable whenever you are moving it around. It also comes with its own carry bag.

It is equipped with an inner fan which can be used to inflate the booth, although the downside of this is that it requires continuous power to keep it inflated.

The Stagerbooth inflatable photo booth also boasts LED lights which are sure to light up your events. They do make a statement, alright, so whether you are hosting a party at home, corporate event or renting out your booth, the attendees will love this feature.

The colour of the lights is not static so there is no danger of boring the eye quickly. You can switch up the colours using the remote controller that comes with the tent.

This product comes in three different variations:

  • one door
  • two doors
  • three doors

Drop-down curtains are included to guarantee privacy.

The creatives among us will appreciate the fact that the manufacturer provides the option to customise the tent so you can always be assured of having your own unique tent.

By contacting them by email, you can mould the tent to your own individual preferences, including altering the size of the tent, the colour and inclusion of your own logo, the latter of which is offered free of charge.

What’s more, the Stagerbooth comes with photo booth props 58-piece do-it-yourself kit for free.

What we Like

  • Easy to inflate and comes down fast
  • 16 colour LED lights
  • Remote control
  • Option to customise
  • Three different models to choose from

What we Don’t

  • The fan can get a little noisy
  • Requires continues power to keep inflated

Happybuy Inflatable Portable Photo Booth


Next up on our list is the Inflatable Portable Photo Booth from Happybuy, and here is why it makes a case for the best inflatable photo booth.

The Happybuy LED studio a large-sized inflatable which measures 8.2 by 8.2 by 8.2 feet on the outside when inflated. It has a door size of 6.5 by 2.5 feet and the interior provides good wriggle room what with its ample 6.5 by 6.5 by 7.5 feet measurement.

This is spacious enough space to even make the claustrophobic comfortable when having their photos taken.

This product is constructed from 210D oxford fabric, a thick fabric which gives it good durability provided it is taken care of properly as you should an inflatable.

The photo booth has built-in LED lights with 7 colours – blue, green, red, yellow, white, cyan, and purple. Although this does not measure up to the Stagerbooth’s 16, they are just sufficient to light up the function, regardless of its nature.

But just like the Stagerbooth, this too comes in three variations:

  • one-door
  • two-door
  • three-door

A remote control is provided along with the product, as well as one spare light controller.

A 250-watt built-in fan allows for quick inflation. Blowing up the booth will take you about a minute, and bringing it down after the event is not a fuss.

The Happybuy inflatable photo booth is portable and comes with a carry bag for easy transportation which should be good news for mobile photographers. Cleaning is a cinch, but the manufacturer makes it clear this booth is not ideal for use in wet conditions as it is not waterproof.

Overall, the product is right up there as far as the best inflatable photo booths go.

What we Like

  • Spacious
  • Durable material
  • Quick to inflate and deflate
  • Changeable LED lights which provide a great setting

What we Don’t

  • Cannot be used in the rain
  • Built-in fan can be noisy

Sayok Inflatable Igloo LED Photo Booth


Inflatable photo booths do not come as unique as the Igloo LED photo booth. This portable studio boasts an attractive catchy design that makes it stand out.

Despite the shape which borrows from an eskimo igloo, the Sayok inflatable photo booth is surprisingly roomy. It can comfortably accommodate reasonably-sized groups when taking group photos without feeling cramped.

It is made from the 210D Oxford material, a quality fabric which can hold up well when roughed up to some degree when party goers come in direct contact with the booth.

Quadruple stitching along the seams and other stress-bearing parts not only enhances durability, but also means no air escapes easily. There are two Velcro door curtains which can be taken down if need be.

The booth is fitted with high quality LED lights (17 colours in total) which are controlled with a remote control, allowing you to tweak the various options. With a lifetime of more than 5000 hours, the remote is touchscreen and can be used within a radius of nearly 30 metres which is quite impressive.

This product comes with an UL air blower which allows for quick inflation while minimising the noise on the inside as is common with built-in fans.

The Sayok inflatable photo booth has a white exterior with a white or black option for the interior.

The downside with having a white exterior is, regardless of how easy the fabric is to clean, it can get dirty quickly, especially when using it outdoors. This makes it event-specific because you don’t want kids on a birthday party getting anywhere near it.

It can be wobbly in windy conditions and as with all inflatable photo booths, it is not ideal for use in wet conditions.


What we Like

  • Unique design
  • Quality construction
  • Touchscreen remote control with 30-metre receiving distance
  • UL air blower

What we Don’t

  • White-only exterior


Octagon Inflatable Portable Photo Booth


The Octagon booth is an imposing structure that measures 8.2 feet in both the length and width, as well as the height.

As the name hints, it is designed in the shape of an octagon. So, if you need an inflatable booth that screams presence – in an ultra-professional way – this is the buy right here.

Despite the size, the manufacturer has done a good job to keep the weight down. This means you don’t have a cumbersome product to deal with when it comes to assembly or when dismantling it. As well, it makes the booth, which comes with its own carry bag, highly portable.

Filling it up takes only a couple of minutes using the built-in air blower that comes with the booth. As with the other booths on this list, this product is also constructed from durable 210D Oxford fabric. It is easy to clean but does not have waterproof capabilities.

The Octagon Inflatable Portable Photo Booth is equipped with high quality LED light strips which allow for 16 colour alterations. A remote control allows you to switch between the desired colours and other options, and a repair kit comes as part of the package.

The Octagon is available in one and two doors, with four options to choose from:

  • Black exterior with white inside (single-door)
  • Plain white (single-door)
  • Plain white (double-door)
  • Black exterior with white inside (double-door)

Overall, there isn’t a lot not to like about the Octagon inflatable, bar the usual downsides that come with an inflatable product such as the inability to use in the rain.

But if you are looking to invest in an inflatable photo booth, this is one of the best buys you can make hands down. The manufacturer even backs this up by offering a warranty touching on the quality of the product, and that can only be a win.

What we Like

  • Imposing, professional design
  • Solid construction
  • Spacious
  • Multiple options to choose from

What we Don’t

  • Cannot be used in rainy conditions


Inflatable photo booths are yet to flood the photography market. This cannot be attributed to the inferiority of the products, but rather, this is a fairly new concept in the market.

No matter the type of event you are covering or hosting, it is hard to go wrong with an inflatable photo booth, or what some people refer to as the LED photo booth.

It is economical and it will get the job done. Even importantly, people will absolutely love it.

In a space that is yet to be covered comprehensively in terms of online resources to help you choose the best inflatable photo booth, it can be hard to make a decision on what the best product is.

With the choices discussed here, however, you can always rest easy knowing inflatable photo booths don’t come any better than these.