Best Inflatable Trampoline: Too Much Work Without Play…

Best Inflatable Trampoline

As a parent, you know exercise can do your child a world of good. The thing with kids, though, is that exercise needs to be enjoyable.

If it becomes an item they need to cross off the list the way some of us adults treat our weekly visits to the gym, then it loses the fun factor. When it gets to that point with kids, good luck convincing them it is good for their physical and mental wellbeing.

Now, one great way to ensure your kids get their dose of exercise while having fun at the same time is through an inflatable trampoline.

Inflatable trampolines are a great addition to your backyard.

They are designed with kids in mind and come in a wide array of sizes – from those befitting toddlers and pre-schoolers to models designed with older children in mind; those that can be used indoors to those so large you would only need to have them up temporarily, say, for instance, during a birthday party or other social event involving kids.

Why Inflatable Trampoline?

One motivation to invest in an inflatable trampoline over a traditional one is that inflatables are much safer than their traditional counterparts. And as you too well know, one of the top considerations to think about when it comes to jumping exercises is safety.

Safety aside, inflatable trampolines come in colourful designs that appeal to kids. Some models are used primarily in pools (water trampolines) while others are designed for use on solid surfaces.

You will sometimes find the latter being referred to as inflatable bouncer, a name coined to differentiate between these two types of inflatables.

While the main purpose of a trampoline is to provide a fun way for kids to exercise their muscles and burn off energy, inflatable models can feature additional bells and whistles that make them more than just a jumping backyard set. For example, basketball hoops, slides, or even ball pits.

Setting up an inflatable trampoline is child’s play. However, these play sets are sensitive to the environment you plan to set them up in.

One of the key things to consider before purchasing an inflatable trampoline is the size of the area you intend to place your trampoline. The most ideal area should be spacious with no intrusions in sight.

Sharp objects and trampolines are like fire and water – they never mix. Pets too could poke holes into the material with their claws so cats and dogs are best kept away.

Provided you inflate your trampoline properly before use (too little or too much air could bust the air liner) and store it well when not in use, an inflatable bouncer or water inflatable will last for years.

The Best Inflatable Trampoline to Buy

If you are looking for the best inflatable trampoline to buy, the market is not short of options that will appeal to you.

Here are 5 recommendations based on the best reviews of customers who own them.

Intex Jump-O-Lene Inflatable Bouncer

First up on our list of best inflatable trampolines is the Jump-O-Lene Transparent Ring bouncer courtesy of Intex, specialists in all things inflatable – lounges, couches, ottoman, airbeds, and more.

The Jump-O-Lene inflatable trampoline is best suited for younger children between the ages of three and six which is apparent from the bright and colourful design.

The rainbow-themed trampoline has crawl-through door that makes it easier for kids to slide in and out. It has an inflated base ring and floor, with transparent side walls that allow parents to keep an eye on the kids as they play.

The top ring features 12 coloured balls that roll around when the children are bouncing about. The Intex Jump-O-Lene is not large in size, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor fun. It folds easily for storage and transport.

If durability is top of your mind when you are shopping around for a trampoline, then this is not the answer. The inflatable bouncer can support up to 120 lbs., and heavy use is most likely going to subject it to quick wear-and-tear, although Intex has included a repair patch kit for quick fixes.

Then again, for the price, this doesn’t come as a big surprise.

This Transparent ring bouncer can double up as a ball pit, so if you want to vary your child’s play, don’t forget to grab a bag of crush-proof plastic play balls which are sold separately.

What we like

  • Colourful design to appeal to younger kids
  • Features 12 coloured balls
  • Can be used as a ball pit

What we don’t

  • Durability
  • Accessories (air pump and play balls) come at an extra cost

Banzai Mega Bounce Trampoline

If you are looking for a trampoline ideal for older kids, the Banzai is a good choice. It can be used by children aged between three and 15 years, according to the manufacturer, although we think the age range is a bit of a stretch. The weight capacity stands at 200 lbs. (approx. 91kg).

The Mega Bounce Trampoline has a large play area that measures 96 x 96 x 68 inches in length, width and height. This is a sturdy trampoline, thanks to the strong polypropylene material that has been used in the construction of the jumping net and knotting system.

The product also features a UV-resistant fabric that makes it an ideal candidate for outdoor use.

The benefits of this are two-fold.

For one, it means the trampoline can stay in the hot summer heat and won’t feel warm to the touch. Secondly, is also absolves you of the need to set it up and dismantle every time the kids need to use it.

The solid construction also makes this trampoline ideal for those households with a large brood since it can withstand heavy use.

Something else you will love about the Banzai inflatable trampoline is that it can be used in water. The strong material allows it to withstand any possible adverse effects from the chlorine in the water.

What’s more, this trampoline comes complete with an air pump and repair kit for minor basic repairs when need be.

What we like

  • UV-resistant fabric
  • Solid material for jumping net and knotting system
  • Can be used on both land and water
  • Included accessories

What we don’t

  • Poor door opening design

BouncePro Superdome Inflatable Trampoline


Sportspower Limited is a name synonymous with trampolines and outdoor play equipment.

If you have shopped for trampolines online or at your local retailer, chances are you have come across the BouncePro range, a creation of the American outdoor play equipment giant.

The BouncePro Superdome comes in on the higher end of the price spectrum, and when you shell out several hundred dollars for a trampoline, you want to be assured you are getting the best in the market.

Well, this product does justify its cost.

The BouncePro Superdome is a large trampoline with a total jumping diameter of 16 feet. The super-cool bouncer is the perfect choice for those with older kids as it has both the space and capacity to support bigger, heavier kids.

This trampoline has a sturdy build overall which is the least Sportspower could have done for the price. It features a strong frame and legs made from galvanised steel that is resistant to rust.

It comes with an inflatable ring and decent enclosure net that provides good security.

It is good to note the Superdome’s enclosure system is covered by the SteelFlex patent, providing that extra safety guarantee you need to allow your kids play with reckless abandon – a big plus for an inflatable product.

The BouncePro Superdome trampoline has a slide which doubles up as an entry and exit. What’s more, it comes with an air blower so you don’t have to purchase one separately.

As far as the downsides go, the BouncePro Superdome has been accused of being a pain to set up, taking long to assemble and disassemble.

Overall, though, it’s a fulfilling product that is a cross between a trampoline and bouncy castle.

What we Like

  • Large play area
  • Inflatable ring for security
  • Galvanised, rust-resistant steel frame and legs
  • Slide
  • Accessories

What we Don’t

  • Cumbersome to assemble and disassemble

PicassoTiles Foot Inflatable Bounce House


Speaking of bouncy castles, if you are on the market for a product that offers generous space but does not come with the price tag of the BouncePro Superdome, you cannot go wrong with the PicassoTiles Inflatable Bouncer.

It has an extended space that allows your kids to partake in the array of entertainment options available, in addition to the hopping and jumping.

It is equipped with a Velcro-tape basketball rim, and the package comes complete with four sports balls – one for basketball, one for football (soccer), another for American football, and a fourth for baseball.

There is also an extended side slide for added fun.

It has an oversized side-pocket to store accessories and other necessities, with six pieces of repair sheet included. Also included in the package is a 525-watt heavy-duty blower, blower stakes, bouncer stakes, and a carry bag.

The PicassoTiles Inflatable Bounce House has a weight capacity of 250 pounds which is plenty of allowance to accommodate at least three children under the recommended weight capacity.

Despite its large size, this trampoline-cum-bounce castle is surprisingly easy to set up, thanks in part to the heavy-grade blower provided. It features multiple entrances and the manufacturer offers a 90-day limited warranty on the product.

What we Like

  • Wide entertainment range
  • Extended slide
  • Ease of setup
  • Heavy-duty blower
  • List of accessories
  • Price

What we Don’t

  • Short 90-day warranty
  • Pitballs not part of package

Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park


Next up our list of best inflatable trampoline is the Crocodile Isle Inflatable Waterpark, courtesy of Blast Zone.

One quick look at it and you are left to your guesses as to whom this product is targeted at. The manufacturer has the age cap of the ideal user at 12 years, which makes this a great product for young and older kids alike.

The inflatable is large and measures 14ft. x 22 ft. x 8 ft. in length, width, and height, with a recommended occupancy rate of five – just about a good number to unlock the full potential of this air-filled bubble of fun.

This trampoline and water park sprays water using a blower to provide rich entertainment for kids. There can be no denying that the bright green play area would be a good addition to the backyard in summer and very tempting even for adults on a scorching summer day.

Features include a large pool area (the main catch), complete with a climbing area, as well as two water slides. When not being used as a swimming pool, the pool area, whose deflated size is akin to a rolled-up sleeping bag, can be filled with crush-proof play balls.

You would be forgiven for thinking this trampoline takes a century to inflate, but quite on the contrary. In fact, it takes less time to fill up than the other mentions on this list, eating up about two minutes on average.

Unlike their previous counterparts, the currents models have a blower included as part of the package, which leaves little room for any gripes.

Indeed, a 5/5 rating from over 200 sales on Amazon is a record that speaks for itself.

No doubt, one of the top picks when the subject of best inflatable trampoline comes up.

What we Like

  • Easy to inflate
  • Great design
  • Good addition to the backyard
  • Ample capacity to accommodate 5 children

What we Don’t

  • Nothing we don’t like, but pit balls would have been a great addition