Best Inflatable Baby Bath: It’s a Baby’s World

Best Inflatable Baby Bath: It's a Baby's World 1

best inflatable baby baths

Not too long ago, parents used to carry baby baths for when they were travelling with a baby, thanks to their convenience and ease of storage.

More recently, though, we are seeing a shift as moms start viewing this accessory as a useful addition in their homes.

And for good reason.

Used for infants and toddlers around the age of two, inflatable baby baths are safer than regular baby baths. Babies tend to be restless, and although regular baby tubs have contour seats to keep baby in position, slipping on the side is sometimes inevitable.

Inflatable baby baths are have a soft cushion all around that ensures the baby is safe while bathing. The sides are also designed in a way that enables the baby to sit upright by itself. So no more worrying about your little bundle of joy slipping from your grasp or hurting itself on the hard edges of a normal tub.

Due to their inflatable nature, inflatable baths are also more comfortable. The soft vinyl material cannot hurt the baby’s back or bottom. The high-cushioned back serves as support and the non-slip bottom makes these tubs extra safe.

This type of baby bath is available in a variety of sizes, some as small as to fit on a kitchen sink, others large enough to lay on a regular tub. They also come in an array of shapes (and colours), with cute baby designs.

With inflatable products also comes the benefit of portability.

Inflatable baby baths are very convenient to carry around. If you bathroom is not the biggest, an inflatable baby bath allows you to pack it away after use and have it within easy reach for the next bath – or simply hang it on the wall without deflating.

What’s more, inflatable baby baths are eco-friendly. You need less water to fill an inflatable tub, so you get to conserve water at the end of the day.

The Best Inflatable Baby Bath

The market is not short of options when it comes to the best inflatable baby bath.

Here are the few we have handpicked for you.

Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub

In what is a market crowded with inflatable bath tubs, sometimes all you just need is a name you can trust.

Mommy’s Helper is a trusted brand that specialises in baby products designed with one particular thing in mind: baby safety.

The Wichita, Kansas-based company deals in a wide range of practical items that make children’s life safer while giving parents peace of mind – finger pinch guards, cabinet slide latches, kid keepers, water faucet covers, you name it.

It is not surprising to therefore find them in the baby bath tub category, and they make their entry with the inflatable bath tub off the company’s Froggie Collection.

Froggy collectio baby bath

As with all things Mommy’s Helper, the Froggie inflatable baby bath tub is designed to make baby bath tubs a safe environment for your little bundle of joy to splash around on their own without parents having to worry about their safety.

This is aided by one addition unique to this baby bath tub: the first-of-its-kind saddle horn.

Situated in the middle of the tub, the purpose of the saddle horn is to keep babies from sliding in the tub. If you ever experienced an instance of a toddler falling over in a tub, you know how traumatising it can be for the child – and a scare for the parent too.

The Mommy’s Helper inflatable baby tub has a compact design which allows toddlers to sit up comfortably. Its small size makes it ideal for smaller babies less than two years of age. Any older and it’s not comfortable anymore – double so for boys as the saddle horn can get uncomfortable.

This tub is easy to clean and inflate. It also deflates easily, with a drain plug at the bottom which allows you to empty up conveniently.

It packs away neatly due to its small size, making it a good carry-along for when you are travelling with baby.

What we Like

  • Saddle horn increases baby safety
  • Perfect size for babies who can sit up
  • Drain plug
  • Portable

What we Don’t

  • Saddle horn can make tub narrow for some babies

Kel-Gar Snug Tub

Next up on our list of inflatable tubs is the Snug Tub from Kel-Gar, a Dallas-based company founded three decades ago by a mom who at the time recognised a need in the baby-mom world, leading her to a series of unique and innovative creations to cater to the ready market.

One of these creations has been the Snug Tub inflatable baby bath.

The Kel-Gar baby bath is a floating tub, which simply means it should be used in a regular adult tub or, if it’s large enough, the full sink.

One thing you will love about this tub is the suctions location on the bottom of the tub which introduce an element of extra safety. It also features another suction tab that allows for easy wall hanging.

This inflatable baby bath is as simple as they come. It is not a large plastic thingy that you have to lug around every time you need to bathe your child. As with the offering from Mommy’s Helper, the Kel-Gar bath tub is ideal for babies who can sit up by themselves up until around the age of two.

This inflatable tub has a contoured headrest and low cushioned sides which make it easy to wash and rinse your baby’s hair.

This tub is designed with ease of carrying in mind, so it can be a perfect addition to your baby’s travel essentials whenever you are travelling with them in tow.

If you need a baby bath that won’t blow holes in your budget, the Kel-Gar Snug Tub ticks that box appropriately.

On the downside, it is not super large so not ideal for bigger or older babies. As well, it will lose air over time. However, the positive here is that it is not like you are leaving baby in the water for hours on end. Besides, all inflatables lose air.

Overall, though, the Snug Tub from Kel-Gar is a smart purchase that is more convenient than most options you will find out there.

What we Like

  • Quick and easy to inflate
  • Suction cups for stability
  • Drain valve
  • Thick sides and contoured head rest to hold baby’s head
  • Loop for storage

What we Don’t

  • Not ideal for toddlers
  • Will leak air slowly over time
  • Not as durable as plastic models

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Baby Bath

With not many accessories to separate inflatable bath tubs, a key additional feature or two in a product can be a game-changer.

For the Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Baby Bath, this feature comes in the form of the white hot safety disc at the bottom of the tub.

This is basically a useful feature that alerts you to the temperature of the water before you dip the baby in. Usually blue in colour, the disc turns white when the water is above a recommended temperature to wash your baby.

This tub also scores high on the safety category. It has a textured bottom designed to keep your little one from slipping.

The Munchkin White Hot inflatable tub is available in three cute styles: Duck, Swan, and Tub and Bath Ducky Set. Squishing the beak gives off a quacking sound, adding an element of playful fun to it. Consider throwing in the squeaking mini rubber ducks for extra fun too.

According to the manufacturer, this tub is ideal for babies between the age of six and 24 months. It boasts a suction cup that is convenient for hanging the tub on the wall after deflating.

Reviews on the length of time it takes to inflate are mixed, with some claiming it only takes a couple of minutes while others say it eats up more than 30 minutes. What we know is, assuming the product is in perfect order, it beats logic that a small baby tub can take more than 10 minutes to fill up with air.

It’s always good to read through the instructions and remember, every inflatable item, bath tub or not, had to have a safety valve.

Overall, there is a reason the Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Baby bath is one of the most highly rated baby baths on Amazon.

What we Like

  • Cute design for baby
  • Three different styles
  • White hot safety disc
  • Value for money

What we Don’t

  • Takes time to inflate

Disney Inflatable Bathtub

This is another great product to consider when looking for the best inflatable baby bath.

The Disney Inflatable baby bath is also created with the six- to 24-month-old babies in mind.

It is rectangular in shape and the interior surface has a non-slip texture to prevent slipping. The soft foam lining the interior makes the tub comfortable for baby.

This inflatable tub features a backrest and contoured headrest which should come in handy for small tots who have trouble sitting up comfortably for an extended period.

The Disney inflatable baby bath is equipped with a pair of large pockets where you can slot baby shampoo, soap, or toys for easy access.

The bottom of the tub has a small temperature gauge that allows you to monitor if the water temperature is too hot for the baby’s skin. Also located at the bottom is a suction cup for attaching the inflatable baby bath to your main bathtub, thereby enhancing security.

It is easy to inflate and deflate, cleans easily, and has hooks for when you want to hang it to dry.

What’s more, the Disney inflatable bathtub is available in 5 colours, each featuring a different theme: Mickie Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Sesame Street, Nemo, and Disney Princesses.

One notable downside with this tub is there is no drain valve, so draining the water has to be from the top.

What we Like

  • Attractive design for babies
  • Pockets to keep shampoo, soap, and toys
  • Hooks for fast drying

What we Don’t

  • Lack of drain valve

Biubee Baby Inflatable Bathtub

Next up is the Biubee Baby Inflatable Bathtub.

Biubee is a trademark under a Chinese company that deals in clothing, footwear, and headgear, with a strong inclination to baby products.

They have established a reputation as creators of quality products, whatever that may be, and it is for this reason they make their way into our list of best inflatable baby bath with the Biubee inflatable tub.

First look at this baby bath and you can’t help but notice the unique design that feels inviting to the eye. The exterior is a beautiful ocean-blue while the interior is white in colour.

Looks aside, the bath is roomy enough to accommodate a baby under the age of two. The interior is slanted in a way that enables the baby sits in a comfortable posture.

More than this, though, this angle allows babies who are yet to sit up to use the bath, something that cannot be said of most bath tubs, inflatable or otherwise. And no, you don’t need to worry about baby’s head – the manufacturer was thoughtful enough to include a cushion that protects your little one’s head.

The base also has a small post that ensures the kiddo does not slip in the tub.

There is also a water level guide printed on the inside which makes it easy for you to see exactly how deeply you are filling up the tub.

The Biubee inflatable bath is constructed from a thick non-toxic environmental PVC which can be placed outside when the weather allows without easily succumbing to the elements.

The side has a handy storage pocket that ensures you keep the baby shampoo or soap close at hand.

You will find a convenient drain at the bottom of the tub which makes it extremely easy to empty, with a hook for hanging when you want to dry the inflatable bath.

Interpreting this another way, the Biubee – as with all other inflatable tubs – is easy to clean between uses and there won’t be mould or mildew issues to contend with.

What’s more, this inflatable baby bathtub comes complete with a colourful air pump, with six colourful balls thrown in for good measure that baby can play with while enjoying their fun time in the water.

For less than $30, it is an absolute steal.

What we Like

  • Unique design
  • Ideal for babies who cannot sit up
  • Safety features
  • Air pump
  • Extras – side pocket, colourful balls
  • Value for money

What we Don’t

  • We love everything about the Biubee Baby Inflatable Bathtub.


If you are shopping for the best inflatable baby bath on the market, each product reviewed in this article makes the cut in its own unique ways and you really cannot go wrong.

With our help, it is our hope you will be able to find the best one for your little one.