Best Inflatable Yurts: Glamping is the New Camping

There is a lot to love about camping. But sleeping time can turn it into a nightmare if you do not have the right camping equipment.

Unless you are the diehard backpacking type, we all desire a little more comfort when camping than a tent, hammock or sleeping bag offers. We want to enjoy the outdoors without compromising much on the comfort aspect.

This has led to a rise in a new form of camping called glamping, which is just another fancy term for glamorous camping. This is a way to authentically experience the most untamed corners of the world without sacrificing creature comforts.

At the heart of this new trend is the yurt, a round portable structure whose roots trace to Central Asia where it has been in use for thousands of years.

Evolution of the Yurt

The traditional yurt was incredibly effective for the nomadic herdsmen of this region who used to move several times a year in search of new pastures, literally-speaking.

This is why they designed lightweight yurts that were quick to assemble and bring down without compromising on the components of the structure.

Now, modern yurts are not intended for regular movement. This is why they are constructed onto a wood platform and equipped with comforts such as electricity, plumbing, heating elements, king-sized beds, sofas, dressers and other extras to cater to the needs of the modern traveller: the glamper.

traditional yurt interior with luxury furnishings

In short, yurts make it possible to experience the outdoors without losing the comforts of home. They are like a cross between a tent and a cabin – basically roughing it with a touch of comfort.

The thing with modern yurts, though, is the vast majority of them are not very mobile.

Until inflatable yurts.

Why Inflatable Yurt?

Inflatable yurts are scaled down versions of a regular yurt.

They are designed to meet a particular need in the market – that of zero fuss, little worry, and no poles to contend with. The most crucial part of an inflatable yurt is remembering to bring along the air pump with you. That’s it.

All you got to do once you get to your destination is to hook your yurt to the pump, switch it on and the rest will set up all by itself.

Inflatable yurts speed up the process of setting up, leaving you to put your feet up and enjoy your sojourn outdoors.

They are made of stronger fabric than the average inflatable you might have around the house, a factor that impacts on the cost.

Something else you will notice about these portable homes is they are mostly transparent, that’s why they are popularly known as inflatable bubble tents.

This aspect makes them the perfect haven to watch the skies on a starry night or soak in the beauty of nature in a unique way. When camping in a inflatable tent, sometimes the weather can make it nigh on impossible to experience some breathtaking moments.

With these spherical structures, though, you can be sure rain, wind, sun or snow won’t come between you and the scenery.

This makes them the perfect accessory to take with you camping, or to the beach, or simply enjoying some time in the backyard.

The Best Inflatable Yurts

The inflatable yurt market is yet to evolve and there aren’t many options to consider, unless you want to order your product directly from Chinese manufacturers.

For the limited options we currently have on the market, the following present the best buys money can get you.

Dream-house Bell Tent

This yurt is available in various sizes. For couples and single people, the 3-meter inflatable yurt has more than enough room, even though buyers should be aware that the smaller designs do not feature a stove-hole- thus, no fires inside. If you are looking to invest in firewood burning yurt stove, you can go for the four or 5-meter diameter ones. These two sizes are ideal for big families or a group of friends.

All three versions come with 3000mm waterproof coating, which makes them completely waterproof. On the other hand, watch out for the cotton because the first time it gets wet, it shrinks, which is how it makes it designs itself to be waterproof. The fantastic thing about the Bell yurts is that you can use them during any of the four seasons. It has a zippable groundsheet; this means you can roll the side wall up on a hot day, to allow for fresh air.

If mosquitoes or flies are flying around, you can use the built-in mosquito screens to keep them in check. Furthermore, there is a sufficient amount of wind protection, although you should avoid windstorms.


Material – The top cover is composed of cotton canvas and a 3000 mm waterproof coating. The groundsheet is composed of a durable PVC floor and 5000 mm waterproof coating, therefore this yurt is completely waterproof.

Proper ventilation – at the top of this yurt are four ventilation holes, which allow ample airflow

Removable groundsheet – the PVC floor is linked to the upper cover by zippers, and it is removable.

What we Like

· Can be used all year long
· Excellent ventilation
· Additional, unadvertised features
· Quick to pitch

What we Don’t

· The 3-meter diameter yurt has no fire stove
· Quite heavy on the side

Rueben`s Aero Yurt

This impressive inflatable yurt is made from high-quality poly-cotton, and its formation is shaped by four air tubes. You can inflate it using a single valve, which helps to lessen the time for pitching it. The poly-cotton renders the yurt waterproof because as the material gets wet, it swells and tightens; therefore, no water gets in. It is a breathable material that translates to a reduced risk of condensation, as compared to polyester tents. This yurt has plenty of room: a height of 2.7m and a diameter of 4.5 meters.

Inflatable yurt - gooutdoors

To pitch it, even it out, makes sure the doors are facing the desired side, peg-out the in-built groundsheet, and inflate. After you have inflated it, peg out the pre-affixed guy lines. Moreover, the guy lines feature small storage hold for when you are not using them.

Two huge windows on the front of the yurt allow plenty of light in, and you can see the view or watch the children. The low-level ventilation section, as well as the completely-zipped mesh door in the yurt, allows for lots of fresh air. One huge door at the front of the tent which sways to the side and is held with toggles when you are not using it.


Structure – This Aero yurt is an Air Technology yurt, which means that it features inflatable tubes to make up the yurt`s structure.

Guy lines – the pre-affixed guy lines are positioned on all sides for additional stringency. You can reinforce the guy line points during the strong winds.

Cable entry – this yurt features no entry point for an EHU cable

Windows – two big windows to the yurt`s front, which allows generous amounts of light. Furthermore, they have zip-up curtains that roll away and are fastened when they are not in use.

Doors – one door which has an incorporated fly mesh door which can allow plenty of fresh air inside.

Ventilation – there are ventilation panels on each second panel.

Bedrooms – no separate bedrooms, has enough space for eight people

Living area – this tent has plenty of room, with two large windows

Extras – It weighs 31.4 Kgs


· Single valve structure

· All-seasons tent

· Utilizes air beams

· Very tall

· Breathable, waterproof fabric

What we like

· Spacious tent
· Pleasant & habitable
· High-quality materials
· Excellent floor rating
· Firm windows

What we don’t

· Extremely expensive
· Heavy

Lotus Belle Air Beam Bud

Tent features are vital when camping. No one has the time to insert poles, and this is why quick-pitch tents are very common. While the Lotus Belle has built its brand retailing bigger and heavy versions, of canvas tents, this portable Air Beam bud signifies its first venture into a light, quick pitch yurt.

Lotus Belle USA® Official Website Air Beam Bud YURT

This tent can accommodate a Queen-sized bed, considering how spacious it is. It weighs 40 pounds and occupies 79 feet; it has mesh windows as well as a zippable front door. Besides, they sell add-ons such as insulator liners, firewood burning portable stove, a huge overhanging porch where you can relax and watch the kids.

The best thing about this yurt is that its supports are incorporated; therefore, it does not require a center pole to stand. On the other hand, it has to be set up. You will stake down the guy line, and groundsheets put the complementary bicycle-style pump – which works on the up and down stroke to accelerate thing – and begin pumping. Within minutes, your yurt is up, and this process is straightforward; even your kids can assist. The deflation process is the easiest part. You will pop the plug, and it will deflate within 10 seconds.


· Front porch

· Fast and easy to assemble

· No center pole thus you can use all the space inside

· 3m by 3m groundsheet diameter, and 3m height

· It is easily portable, and its dimensions are 87 by 57 by 40 and weigh 26.5 Kg

· Can fit one Queen-sized bed, or 2 to 3 people

What we Like

· It is easy and quick to pitch
· It is very portable
· It has plenty of space

What we Don’t

· Weight – the air beams are very heavy, and it is not possible to distribute the weight.
· Cost – Airbeams are very expensive as compared to typical pole tents
· Spare parts- If you have an issue with any of the beams, it is costly to replace them. Standard fiber-glass poles are obtainable from camp shops.

Inflatable Yurt Alternatives – Bubble Tents and Inflatable Igloos

Garden Igloo Transparent Inflatable Dome

First up on our list of best inflatable yurts is the Garden Igloo Transparent Tent, a moderately sized structure that cannot only serve as a good hangout den for the family, but also a great play area for the kids.

This tent has a base area of 107 feet squared, with a diameter of 11’9” and a height of 7’2”. While that is a sizeable enough area for a small group of people, it is not big enough to fit a bed as some of the other yurts on this list.

But it is good to add that this is roomy enough to fit a small table and chairs, making it the ideal inflatable bubble tent for the family backyard. It has good air flow that is circulated evenly throughout the tent, even in hot weather.

The Garden Igloo has been faulted for being a bit tricky to set up, but once you have that out of the way, you can be assured of a pretty stable structure.

It is made from 100% recyclable PVC and PA6 materials, with a -4°F cold-resistant soft PVC transparent cover. This protects you from excessive UV exposure, and the whole tent offers good resistance against the wind.

The Garden Igloo boasts a stunning design that not only makes it easy on the eye, but also allows it to blend in perfectly with natural surrounds.

It is a bit pricey for a yurt its size, but overall, there can be no denying this is a lovely accessory to place in your backyard or garden.

What we Like

  • Beautiful design
  • Very sturdy and can withstand strong wind and snow
  • Optimal air flow
  • Ideal size for backyard

What we Don’t

  • Setup can be time-consuming
  • Pricey

Outdoor Single Tunnel Inflatable Bubble Tent

The Outdoor Single Tunnel Tent provides a great way to experience the outdoors while keeping insects and bugs at bay.

Available in a diameter of 3 metres, a 5-metre height and a 2-metre tunnel, the Single Tunnel Inflatable Bubble is one of the flagship models of this company.

This structure has plenty of room to accommodate six people comfortably sitting, and can fit a queen size air mattress and leave plenty of room for end tables as illustrated in the picture.

This yurt comes with one-year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as an air blower, repair kit, and if you want, free logo customisation. The latter can be more beneficial in the case of businesses looking to invest in team-bonding yurts.

On the downside, the 250-watt pump can be a bit noisy for some people to sleep, despite it coming with a cord that allows you to place it a metre away. This is because the blower has to remain powered in order to keep the tent inflated.

But on the bright side, the manufacturer has factored in these complaints from users and now offers an alternative fan that makes absolutely no noise. This is fitted inside and you will need to make a special request to have it installed, otherwise the air bubble is shipped in the default noisy pump.

Overall, the Outdoor Single Tunnel Tent is a good family tent for use at home or for a couple to take with them on a beaching or camping trip.

What we Like

  • Roomy interior and insect repellant
  • Multi-purpose – law, camping, beach
  • Easy to inflate
  • Good ventilation and waterproof

What we Don’t

  • Default fan can be noisy

Bubble U24

The Bubble U24 is one of the best inflatable yurts out there, and it is easy to see why.

It has two tunnels and spacious rooms which make it the ideal structure for a big family, especially given it measures 13-16 feet in diameter. Transform it into a homely abode by adding everything from beds, to furniture, to decorative accessories, including flower pots.

Despite its large size, this double-tunneled yurt can be conveniently stationed in the backyard, or take it to the beach or camping with you.

It is constructed from a thick high-quality PVC and PVC tarpaulin that ensure durability while remaining kind to the environment what with its colourless and tasteless environmentally-friendly material. It also includes a one-year warranty.

The uniquely-shaped pavilion guarantees you a great time when camping outdoors as everyone can enjoy the scenery from different angles.

It is repellant to bugs and a blower, repair kit and glue are part of the standard package. There is also an instruction manual to guide you on how to set it up and dismantle.

If you are looking for an inflatable yurt with a large group in mind, you can never go wrong with the Bubble U24. But be prepared to shell out for it.

What we Like

  • High quality, environmental-friendly construction
  • Family size
  • Multipurpose
  • Easy to set up, with instruction manual for guidance
  • 1 year warranty and ships worldwide

What we Don’t

  • Pricey

Relax Now Two Tunnel Yurt

The best inflatable yurts do not come any better than this family-sized globe which bears the same size as the Bubble U24 in diameter (13-16 feet).

The yurt is truly designed with the comforts of home in mind, complete with an attached bathroom.

The inclusion of a bathroom no doubt makes this a standout dome. This offers the small benefit of convenience when you need to visit the bathroom in the middle of a night.

The glove is constructed from thick, top-notch PVC and PVC tarpaulin which makes it not only durable, but also healthy for the environment you will be basking in, be it at home or at a campsite.

A blower for inflating is included and the package also comes with a repair kit just in case. The Relax Now Two Tunnel Yurt has a cloth bag for easy transportation and the manufacturer gives you a one-year warranty upon purchase.

Expectedly, the price tag is a bit hefty, but considering the going price for inflatable yurts, this isn’t surprising factoring in the inclusion of the bathroom.

The Relax Now Tunnel Yurt also comes in a single-tunnel model.

This can bring the costs down significantly, so if you have a lower budget and deem the bath an unnecessary bell and whistle, this is a great alternative to go for.

What we Like

  • Sturdy and durable quality
  • Includes a bathroom
  • Cloth bag for easy carrying
  • Company sends extra pump

What we Don’t

  • Steep cost

JYNselling Double-Layer Inflatable Yurt

Lastly, we have the JYNselling bubble tent, and here is why we consider it one of the best inflatable yurts out there.

For starters, this inflatable orb presents you with options when it comes to size. You can choose between a diameter of 3M, 4M, 5M, 6M, or 8M depending on what your needs are. The price is dependent on the size.

Something else you will love about this inflatable bubble is that all the materials which have gone towards its manufacture are non-toxic and odourless. It also cannot catch fire quickly, thanks to the flame-retardant PVC.

This is a durable yurt that will give you many years of service, doing a good job of proofing you from the sun, wind and water elements, making it the ideal product for the outdoors.

The standard package includes the dome, a blower designed to be energy-efficient, and the manufacturer also offers an air pump free of charge. The power plus will be tailored based on country.

The air column keeps the dome stable, and the blower will need to be hooked at all times to keep the tent inflated, although it comes with the advantage of being silent and energy-efficient.

When using the air pump to blow up the dome, however, you can remove it once you are done inflating which is convenient.

The 360-degree view tent is can accommodate two to six persons depending on size. It is super durable and ideal for all conditions.

What we Like

  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • Non-toxic, odourless and flame-resistant
  • 360-degree view and comes with blower and air pump
  • Waterproof with decent ventilation

What we Don’t

  • Needs to be connected throughout when inflating with blower